NEUROLOGY Training Cockpit


The Implantable Stimulator is in sleep mode when stored on the shelf. Before the implantation it needs to be awakened and its battery level verified using the Patient Programmer and Charger.

For intra-operative impedance measurement or stimulation testing using the Trial Stimulator, the use of the Clinician Programmer is needed.

The training 2.1 will guide you through these steps.

During the patient follow-up visits, you may want to adapt and change the stimulation settings. 
The training 2.2 will guide you through the steps on how to quickly update the program of an existing patient.

In case of emergencies, but also when you need an fast way to turn stimulation off, both the Clinician Programmer hardware and software are here to help.

The training 2.3 will show you all the techniques you can use.